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Looking for a PHP or Python Developer to create your website or Intranet application?

I develop full featured websites, web services and Intranet applications. I specialize in bespoke monitoring and alerting solutions as well as the automation of daily tasks and integration of disparate systems.


Are you getting bogged down in mundane daily administrative tasks. Let me help by automating things. Whether you just need some bespoke scripts or an Enterprise solution such as CFEngine, Puppet or Salt, I can provide you with a solution tailored to your needs, freeing up your hands so that you or your staff can get on with the tasks that really matter.


Do you have two or more systems working in isolation but you'd like to get them talking to each other? Do you have information locked in back office systems but want some of that information exposed on your website? I will develop secure, efficient and scalable solutions to your integration problems. Contact me to see how.


Need more visibility of your servers and services? I can provide bespoke monitoring and alerting systems as well as implementing or extending Enterprise solutions such as Munin, Cacti, Nagios or Icinga. Let me create you a monitoring solution which gives you peace of mind knowing that you have full visibility of the state of your infrastructure.

Server Side Web Development

Whether you are after a fully bespoke website CMS or application or something based on widely available Open Source frameworks such as Concrete5, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Grav, Magento or Django I can help. My 15 years experience in server side development, creating fully bespoke web sites and intranet solutions, means I can create a website or application entirely tailored to your needs. As well as building sites from the ground up I have experience with a wide range of OpenSource tools and frameworks. I am a strong believer in using the best tool for the job and if you haven't yet made a decision in what to use I can advise you in what is the best fit for your specific needs.

Troubleshooting, Optimisation or New Features

If you already have a website or intranet but are looking to update or add functionality or if you have some bugs which need squashing, give me a call using the contact form provided.


Contact me today to see how I can help. No obligation, no fee.

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