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Need increased visibility of your infrastructure or service availability and performance?

Accurate and timely monitoring and alerting is key to the smooth running of your online services and infrastructure. I can provide you with the tools you need to visualize your service availability and view the performance of your servers over time. Comprehensive monitoring allows you to quickly respond to incidents and even predict potential issues before they are likely to occur.


Nagios has both free Open Source and Commercial products which provide 24/7 monitoring for critical and non-critical servers, services and network. ice2o can install and configure Nagios on your network to monitor your business critical Linux and Windows servers and network infrastructure. ice2o can configure and install Nagios to monitor your servers using existing and, if needed, bespoke plugins. ice2o can optimize, extend or fix your existing Nagios installation, providing customizations and optimizations to your existing setup. I can provide advice and consultation, planning for a new install on existing hardware or a new green field installation. The Nagios monitoring services I can provide include:

  • Linux server checks
  • Unix server checks
  • Windows server checks
  • Web service checks
  • Bespoke plugins
  • SNMP Trap monitoring
  • Nagios front end design and customization
  • Alerting configuration
  • Puppet, Salt or CFEngine integration
  • Automation or integration with 3rd party applications
  • Host configuration
  • Optimization
  • Network device monitoring
  • Distributed monitoring

Performance Metrics and Resource Trends

As well as service availability monitoring with Nagios, I can provide resource and performance monitoring which can help you analyze trends over time. Using tools such as Munin and Cacti, you can gather and graph statistics over time. This information is invaluable when it comes to debugging issues or predicting future resource requirements.

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